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“We purchased a business and knew we needed a trustworthy person to help with our accounting and taxes. I had made calls to other accountants to check on their services and no one answered or returned my calls. Fran was the only person to respond and within a few days she was able to come to our home to meet us and see if she could help. We immediately hired her! Fran always took the time needed to complete our taxes and always submitted things on time. Fran is very knowledgeable and trustworthy, I highly recommend her!”

Danielle Hull
Mexico Tanning
Spa and Tanning Business in Moscow, Idaho

“When it comes to business bookkeeping/accounting Fran McCully is the only person I trust to support my business. Fran is an experienced, highly skilled financial specialist and continuing education is the very foundation of her business. Her knowledge and understanding of QuickBooks products is incredible. Fran is meticulous and conscientious; a real professional who takes the worry out of my business financial needs. I’ve known Fran for many years and I depend on her to keep me on track and up to date. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the very best in bookkeeping services.”

Lon Labine
The Grateful Bean – Car Detailing

“I have grudgingly done the books for my husband’s businesses over the last 37 years with much worry concerning whether or not I was doing a complete and accurate job since I had never been formally trained to be a bookkeeper. When I was lucky enough to be referred to Fran McCully by a friend/business associate, I sensed immediately that she would make a very big difference in our business tactics and bookkeeping regimen. From the moment I met Fran, it was obvious that her bookkeeping/accounting knowledge was vast (to say the least) and her ability to work with others to help them better understand their business needs is second to none! She has spent time patiently working with me so that I now feel competent enough to handle our Quickbooks program without stress. She works with us on an “as we need her” basis which works very well with our current seasonal business. We are extremely thankful that Fran came into our lives, both on a business and a personal basis. Thanks so much, Fran!”

Chris and Kathy Roberts
Powder Keg, LLC

“Fran has saved my sanity and possibly my marriage. I went from having all of my husbands business affairs in piles around the house to them being organized in Quick Books. I had purchased Quick Books 5 years ago and never opened it. Fran made me purchase the new updated version and then she organized every aspect of our business from employees to invoices on the new program. I am not very computer literate and was very skeptical about being able to take over all the data entry, Fran convinced me otherwise and trained me within a couple of days how to do it all myself. She is a very knowledgeable, patient, personable and caring instructor. We have a small business and now that it is all in Quick Books I can keep track of everything and save time doing so. I would highly recommend Fran at Your Administrative Solutions to anyone needing help with your business. Whether you need her to do it all or just get you headed in the right direction Fran is very helpful and professional. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Ryan and Teri Fredrickson
Practically Perfect Trucks

Since I have been working with Fran at Your Administrative Solutions my business has grown significantly. Not only can I say that Fran’s assistance has been invaluable, she is responsible for landing our biggest client to date. She provides the time, focus and professionalism that every business needs.

David Sybert, MD
CEO- SyberMed Enterprises, LLC

Fran McCully knows more about QuickBooks than I ever want to, which makes her the perfect bookkeeper for me. An honest, diligent, and dependable work ethic complements her exceptional ability. She is reliable; when she says she will do it, she will, and does it well. It speaks volumes when my accountant thinks highly of her, also. As for her skill at being a Virtual Assistant, no one can touch her; she is tops.

The Grammar Pro
Patty Harrison

I had been looking for an administrative assistant who could not only help me with QuickBooks, but also with mailings. Fran has been so helpful and she is so proactive–she keeps me on track and encourages me like a coach!! She’s even helping me create my long overdue business plan. Fran is honest and reliable, I highly recommend her and her services.

The Voice of Success
Lee Ann Freshour, MA-CCC/SLP

Fran McCully from Your Administrative Solutions has worked for my company since September, 2005 on a part-time, as needed, monthly retainer basis from 2 time zones away. She has provided us with a variety of bookkeeping-related services, including invoicing, payments, taxes, payroll, time sheets, collections, and even communication with the IRS and other agencies. Our needs and demands seem to change every month, and Fran has consistently provided us with seamless services. We use QuickBooks, and with the technology that Fran uses, it’s as if she were sitting next to me in my home office.

Your Administrative Solutions has been an outstanding resource for my consulting business. With the virtual accessibility and the thorough knowledge of QuickBooks, I utilize the services and often refer my clients. There is no hassle with the hiring process; I get a competent professional who does what needs to be done—virtually!

Maria R. Goebert, MSA
Principal Director
HQR Consulting, Inc.

We have a small excavation business with one full time employee and three part time ones, including our son. Also, one secretary/bookkeeper/receptionist/co-owner – me! When we changed our business books over to QuickBooks, I was looking for someone to help me get everything up and running correctly, so I called Fran at Your Administrative Solutions to see if she would help me set it up and also help me learn the program. She not only set-up our business in a way that made it easy for me to understand but also answers my questions and is right there when I need her assistance. She processes payroll when I am not available and is in charge of all the quarterly payroll taxes which I have never liked doing. She is easy to work with and has an extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and the QuickBooks program. Thanks, Fran for all that you do for us!

Darrel’s Backhoe Service
Dawn Paul

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